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Rose Quartz meaning and
healing properties

Rose Quartz – Silicate SiO2 – Silicon & Oxygen

Chakra - Heart

Sign - Taurus & Libra


Rose quartz is a variety of quartz crystal and can range from pale pink to deep pink in color. It may be opaque or translucent. This semi-precious gemstone is associated with the planet Venus, the planet of love, pleasures, and beauty. It is also the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra.


Cupid god of love and rose quartz crystal falling

Rose Quartz History

Rose Quartz has a history in classical mythology. In the stories of Cupid or Eros, the god of love and attraction. It is said that Cupid “brought Rose Quartz from the heavens to bring more love and romance to mortals.”


The stone also has a history with Aphrodite, the “goddess of beauty and sexual love.” Who fell in love with the handsome mortal Adonis.


In the stories of old, Adonis was attacked by a wild boar. Some say the boar was Ares, the “god of war” in a jealous rage he turned himself into a wild boar and attacked Adonis.


Hearing Adonis’ cries, Aphrodite rushed to his side not before cutting herself on a rose bush. As the goddess held her dying lover in her arms, their blood dripped on the ground made of quartz, staining the stone a deep pink.

Rose Quartz Meaning

The stone of love and romance. Rose Quartz is known to symbolize universal love, emotional healing, and romance. Restoring balance, calmness, and peace to your emotions. While also restoring your mind to harmony and acceptance.


Rose quartz is said to be a teacher of the true essence of love, unconditional love, and love of oneself. Creating a space for acceptance, trust, and self-worth.


When holding a large Rose Quartz, you can’t deny the powerful love, romance, and healing emanating from this beautiful stone.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Rose Quartz can assist you in healing your heart of emotional pain and repressed emotions. Transforming your heart from isolation to trust and openness. Bringing you back into union with yourself and, therefore, the universe.


Love of others, love of life, love of the divine, and love of the universe. Loving what is external starts with loving yourself. Which fosters compassion, kindness, acceptance, peace, harmony, and balance.


I witnessed this in class with my students. The offering of empathy, compassion, and a willingness to understand rather than judge others.


When I was a teacher, I would gather all the students into a circle and have them share their stories. So they could learn and grow from each other. Teaching by sharing stories and our lived experiences.


During the circle, there was a particular student, "the joker," who would always interrupt the class. Judging and commenting on what was being shared. Poking fun at peers' stories but refusing to share their own.


One day, I brought in a huge chunk of Rose Quartz crystal. A talisman of love, for the centerpiece of our circle. The "joker" asked if they could hold the Rose Quartz and have it in their lap. I had no objections and asked if someone had something else we could place in the center.


I was amazed by the power of the rose quartz crystal. It created a space of harmony and transmuted a conditioned emotional pattern in this student.


There was a noticeable shift in their behavior. This student sat quietly, listened to his classmates in the circle, and would ask questions of the speaker rather than disrupt the class. There was a gentleness to the inquiry and a genuine interest in all the stories being shared.


They still passed when it was their turn to share, but the dynamic of the circle was dramatically different that day. It felt pleasant. It felt welcoming. It felt coherent. The student asked, “if I would bring the stone to class tomorrow.” I responded with “absolutely.”


Rose Quartz Uses

Rose Quartz can be used to rekindling a current relationship or attracting a new romantic love into your life. By wearing a Rose Quartz pendant near your heart or a Rose Quartz bracelet. This will help you to heal your emotional wounds creating space for new love to enter. Some swear by the power of Rose Quartz to attract new love.


You can also use a large rose quartz crystal in your home. It fills the space you place it in with an energy of love, relaxation, harmony, healing, and peace. Putting this stone in your entryway, bedroom or living room will give your home an inviting, loving, and harmonious vibe.


Using Rose Quartz in meditation can help to put you at ease emotionally and mentally, making it easier to meditate. While also having a deeper, more connected meditation. So you will have more emotional and mental clarity.


We are reminded by Rose Quartz to ground in love, to choose kindness, and to choose gentleness. It opens the door to true healing and universal love.


I have a large rose quartz crystal heart in our crystal shop. It works here, meaning that it’s not for sale. It holds the frequency of love and harmony and offers its loving vibration to those who enter. It makes a difference in how the shop feels and how I feel in the shop. I love Rose Quartz, the crystal of love.

Come on in and see our rose quartz crystals today.

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