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Crystal Shapes


KM Crystal Shop

Crystals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are formed naturally and others are made by hand. Here are the most common shapes of crystals that are sold in our crystal store. Come see these beautiful stones.

quartz cluster
  • Crystal Clusters

Crystal clusters are naturally occurring forms of crystals and gemstones. They are formed naturally beneath the Earths' crust. Sometimes they are cut, shaved, and buffed into smaller pieces. However, for the most part are untouched in form. Above is a beautiful large clear quartz cluster we have in our shop. 

  • Crystal Points or Crystal Generators

Crystal points also known as generators are hand made. They are usually flat on the bottom and are shaped into a single point at the top. Some may say they generate a beam of energy from the top, hence the name generator. Above are our fluorite crystal points. 

KM Crystal Shop Tumbled Crystals aquamarine, arsenopyrite, aventurine, carnelian, corundum, garnet, hematite, howlite, jade, lazurite, lapis lazuli, magnetite, malachite, milky quartz, morganite, natrolite, rock crystal quartz, shattuckite, snowflake obsidian, tigers eye, topaz
  • Tumbled Crystals

This shape usually start out as a rough stone. These shapes of crystals are formed by a machine that tumbles the stone until they are smooth. They are also buffed to create an extra shine and smoothness. These are commonly used as pocket stones or rubbing stones. 

rose quartz heart crystal
  • Crystal Hearts

Do you have a heart made of rose quartz? Well, I hope not. Crystal hearts are hand made crystals and gemstones shaped into a heart. The heart is the universal symbol of love. This is one of our rose quartz hearts on display in our crystal shop.

selenite crystal sphere
  • Crystal Spheres

Sphere are also handmade, buffed, and polished. These shaped are popular with a lot of psychics in divinations and readings. They are great at holding energy in a space. This is one of one our selenite sphere.

Quartz Crystal Egg
  • Crystal Eggs

These are also hand made and usually start out as a large crystal. These are similar to spheres. These crystal eggs are beautiful. They are completely safe and will not hatch any animal. Above we have a gorgeous quartz egg.

  • Crystal Geodes

Geodes are naturally formed crystals and gemstones. Usually these are mined and have a layer of rocked around the crystal. Which is then broken revealing the beautiful gemstone inside of the rock. Some are shaped and some appear naturally as when they are mined. This is a beautiful Amethyst & Jasper geode.

  • Crystal Pyramids

Pyramids are amazing shaped for crystals and gemstones. They are free standing and don't need a stand unless that is your preference. They are of course made by hand and come is a variety of sizes. The gold one is our pyrite pyramid, to the right is malachite pyramid, and a amethyst pyramid as well. 

  • Crystal Flames

This shape of crystal has gain a lot of popularity as of recent. Shaped into the flames on fire and passion. This is handmade and we have this wonderful Smokey Quartz Flame in our store. 

  • Rough Crystal

"Rough" crystals are naturally occurring forms of crystal. They are usually chipped off a larger crystal cluster. They are usually untouched and for comparison are the most affordable forms of crystals and gemstones. This chunk of black tourmaline is a gorgeous piece. 

As you can see crystal and gemstones come in a variety of shapes and formations. Some are naturally occurring, and others are hand made. These are the basic shapes that you will find in most crystal shops. We carry all these shapes in our crystal store. Call us or stop on in to see these beautiful shapes yourself. 

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