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Our intention is to ground in love and service each day. So that we may live and leave a legacy of love.


Be in your natural resonance of love and well-being.


The difference we make in ourselves, is the difference we make in the world.

Crystals are formed in the Earths’ crust over thousands and sometimes, millions of years. When the right conditions allow elements to crystalized from liquid or gas states into geometric patterns that form crystals. Crystals are indeed naturally occurring. Did you know Diamonds are also considered a crystal? 

Quartz crystals are used in modern day watches to keep your clock ticking. A tiny electrical current is sent to a quartz crystal making it vibrate at a certain frequency. This vibration powers the movement of your wristwatch.


Crystals indeed hold a frequency and vibration. Which is why crystals are used in many metaphysical applications (i.e. healing, manifesting, and meditation) . Their frequencies help you to increase your own vibrations so you can live a healthy, happy, and joyful life.

There are many different types of crystals with different healing properties. They come in every color of the spectrum. We have white crystals like Quartz crystals or Selenite. Violet crystals like Amethyst which is a form of Quartz crystal. Then there are colorful varieties like Rose Quartz which come in shades of pink. Or Orange Citrine and Calcite which are typically shades of orange or yellow. We also have green crystals like Jade, Aventurine and Moldavite. There are even all black crystals like black Tourmaline. 

Due to their atomic structure crystals have a natural ability to absorb, reflect, and transmit light, energy, and frequencies. For instance if you place a Selenite tower over an colorful led light. It will transmit and radiate the colors of the light around your room.

Quartz will amplify and transmit any light you direct at the crystal. Then there are some crystals like black Tourmaline which are used to grid spaces. Making black tourmaline useful for deflecting unwanted energy. So some may use black Tourmaline for protection.  

That is why crystals are so popular now. They can anchor, amplify, and direct light into your home raising the overall vibe and energy of your home. Helping you to increase your energy levels which in turn helps you to recoup and heal faster. Many crystals have different properties and attributes that you can use to focus the energy in your space bringing more of that attribute into your home. 

Crystals are used in a variety of ways. You can use crystals for meditation, healing, protection, or even manifestation. It is your intent and purpose that tunes the energy of your crystal. Crystals are wonderful pieces of decoration or jewelry. Even if you don't use them for metaphysical purposes. They will make a beautiful addition to any home or piece of jewelry. 

We sell many different types of crystals in a variety of forms. We cleanse, clear, and retune every crystal we have for sale. Insuring you have a brand new crystal you can love and enjoy. Please feel free to enjoy the articles below on crystals. 


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