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After earning my AB ( Biological Anthropology) and Masters Degree in Education (Human Development & Psychology) from Harvard University, I was an educator for 25 years.  I was told by a healer that I would be leaving the traditional classroom, but still be teaching. I wasn’t ready to surrender completely to that offering, but I decided to live into that possibility. And once I committed to the “new classroom,” synchronicities began to unfold in beautiful ways.

I moved to Los Angeles in 2006 and with my partner opened Ka Maluhia (The Place of Peace), a holistic health boutique, offering healing modalities to help people return to balance and well-being. In 2019 KM (Ka Maluhia) Crystals emerged to house the overflow of crystals from our original location and now has grown into its own presence in Santa Monica.

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, I studied massage therapy and cranial sacral unwinding at IPSB (Institute of Psycho-Social Balancing). I then furthered my studies of energetic modalities through Jorei, a Japanese energy technique, and Reiki. I began to understand how our bodies hold our stories and how healing modalities can honor and release the energies we store in our fields. The more I internalized that everything is energy, I began to tune in more to my resonance and what influenced how I was feeling, my vibrational frequency.  

Crystals began to reveal themselves. I was being drawn to and being introduced to ones that weren’t particularly on my radar.  Meditating with certain crystals brought about specific changes in my life, needed changes I might add.  Placing crystals in our home created a feeling of sanctuary, a place of peace. I will always be grateful to the crystals for through their grace, I was able to regain my balance and live from a place of love and compassion.


Our work is rooted in the belief that the difference we make in ourselves is the difference we make in the world. Crystals help us to attune to certain frequencies of vibration, whether they are placed in a space or on our person.  They assist us in returning to our natural resonance of love and well-being. May they bring you as much joy as they have brought me.

with love and grace,

Kari Morioka 

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