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A Guide To Cleansing Your Crystals 

Here is our simple guide on how to cleanse and clear your crystals using metaphysical methods. 

1. Clearing crystals with salt water.

2. Clearing crystals using Sage or Palo Santo.

3. Cleansing Crystal using sunlight.

4. Cleansing crystals using sound.

4. Cleansing crystals using Reiki.


In the spiritual sense crystals are a form of embodied light. Holding, generating, and radiating frequencies and vibrations. Crystals can be used in healing, manifestation, and protection. So cleansing and clearing your crystals are a must before they acclimate to your space. If you do purchase your crystals from a crystal shop make sure to cleanse them before placing them in your home.

These methods of clearing your crystals are the most popular ways you can clear and cleanse your crystals. They will also assure they release any old stagnant energy and bring in positive vibrations. You can use any of the methods or you can use a combination of these together. Remember crystals hold energy. So it is your intensions that program their energy. So stating out loud your intentions before you cleanse your crystal will also amplify the cleansing. For example “ I cleanse this crystal of any negative energy and wish to bring in positive energy into this crystal”. Here are the different methods on cleansing your crystals.

1. Clearing crystals with salt water.

Use a large bowl and fill with warm water. Place one tablespoon for every cup of water. You can also place some Sage leaves into the mixture as well. Stir the mixture and make sure the salt is diluted. Then place your crystal or crystals in the saltwater making sure they are full submerged. Then place in a windowsill and let them soak for 24-48 hours. Then rinse and dry.


2. Clearing crystals using Sage or Palo Santo.

Get a large bowl or cup and place upside down on a table. Make sure your crystal will fit inside the bowl upside down over the crystal. Light the sage and make sure it is smoking well. Lift the bowl and place the sage bundle under the bowl and let the bowl fill with smoke. Once filled remove the sage and close the bowl over the crystal. Or you can simply hole the crystal in your hand and smudge the crystals using the Sage or Palo Santo. Make sure to hold the crystal above the smoke so it baths the crystal. Repeat multiple times until you feel satisfied that the crystals have been cleared.

3. Cleansing crystals using sunlight.

Place the crystal by a window or outside where they will receive direct sunlight. Giving the crystal at least 24-48 hours of direct sunlight should clear them. Using sunlight will cleanse them and will increase active energies within the crystals.

4. Cleansing crystals using sound.

You can also clear and attune crystals to certain energetic frequencies using sound. You can immerse your crystals in a sound bath, use tuning forks, or put them near your speakers while playing certain sounds. This will help to bring in certain frequencies into the crystals.

5. Cleansing crystals using Reiki.

Reiki is a form of energy healing using your hands. If you are a Reiki practitioner, you can give you crystals Reiki and they will absorb the energy from yours hands. Reiki energy is highly healing and potent working on your emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

Because of their atomic structure crystals can absorb and radiate energy. You will find that when you are stressed or worried holding a crystal in your hand will help alleviate some of your stress. Using crystals to absorb your negative energies are one way of using them to help heal you. All our crystals in our crystal store have gone through a process to clean and cleanse them of energies. We also help the crystals to hold onto the highest and purest energies by using Holy Fire Reiki. Making sure your crystals have the highest energies. So, they can help you to transform your-self and your space. Good luck on your healing journey. With love & gratitude KM Crystal Shop.

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