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Selenite meaning and properties – The purifying and cleansing stone. Selenite cleanses blocked or negative energy from your auric field, physical, and etheric bodies. It will enhance your awareness of yourself and surroundings. To provide both a more flexible characteristic to your nature and strength in your decision making. Made be used to clear other crystals. Spiritual activation, protection, communication with higher self, spirit guides, and angels.

Zodiac Sign - Taurus 

Chakras - Third Eye & Crown


These beautiful Selenite crystal bowls make great pieces for your desk or table. Translucent crystal bowls that have been polished to create a smoothness on the surface. These look amazing when placed on a light source like an led stand because of their ability to transmit light around the room. These can also be used to cleanse other crystals. 

Selenite Crystal Bowls

PriceFrom $28.00
  • Selenite crystal bowls come in small and medium sizes. Medium measures 5.75 inches and small is 4 inches. 

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