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Quartz meaning and properties – Quartz is known as the master crystal, the most powerful healing and energy amplifier. Amplifies and enhances energies, your intentions, ambient energies. Promotes clearing, cleansing, purifying, healing, awareness, clarity, focus, concentration, and memory enhancement.

Zodiac Signs - Quartz improves all signs

Chakras - Quartz heals all chakras

This radiant clear Quartz crystal cluster is a unique piece. With it's clear to white color tones this crystal will enhance any desk or table. It is transparent to translucent and can be placed on or around a light source to really bring out its' shimmering sparkles. Truly a beautiful crystal. 

Quartz Crystal Cluster

  • Clear Quartz crystal cluster measures 1.5 x 4 x 2.625 inches and weighs 206 grams. This quartz crystal can be purchased at our crystal shop or at our online crystal store.

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